Configuring Secure Held Print Jobs

Restricting unauthenticated users from viewing held jobs

The built-in Held Jobs application can be used to view all held jobs in the printer. After setting up Secure Held Print Jobs, remove the Held Jobs icon from the printer home screen.

  1. From the Embedded Web Server, click Settings > Device > Visible Home Screen Icons.

  2. Clear Held Jobs.

  3. Click Save.

Configuring the Secure Held Print Jobs settings

  1. From the Embedded Web Server, navigate to the configuration page for the application:

    Apps > Secure Held Print Jobs > Configure

  2. From the Release Options section, configure the settings.

    • Release Method—Specify how users print their held jobs.

    • Display Print Jobs Sorted By—Specify how the print jobs are listed on the display.

  3. Click Apply.

Converting print jobs to secure held print jobs

  1. From the Embedded Web Server, click Settings > Security > Confidential Print Setup.

  2. Select Require All Jobs to be Held.

  3. Click Save.