Configuring advanced settings

  1. From the Embedded Web Server, navigate to the configuration page for the application:

    Apps > Smart Card Authentication Client > Configure

  2. From the Advanced Settings section, select a session user ID.

    Note: Some applications, such as Secure Held Print Jobs and Secure E-mail, require a value for the session user ID.
  3. In the E-mail From Address menu, select where the printer retrieves the user e-mail address.

  4. If necessary, select Wait for user information to retrieve all user information before the user is allowed to access the home screen or secure application.

    If the following settings are set to LDAP Lookup, then select this option.

    If the following settings are not empty, then select this option.

    Note: If you are using manual login for Secure E-mail, then select this option to store the user e-mail address in the login session. To allow manual login users to send e-mail to themselves, enable “Send me a copy” in the printer e-mail settings.
  5. If necessary, select Use SSL for User Info to retrieve user information from the domain controller using an SSL connection.

  6. If necessary, in the Other User Attributes field, type other LDAP attributes that must be added to the session. Use commas to separate multiple values.

  7. In the Group Authorization List, type the Active Directory groups that can access applications or functions. Use commas to separate multiple values.

    Note: The groups must be in the LDAP server.
  8. If DNS is not enabled in your network, then upload a hosts file.

    Type the mappings in the text file in the format of xy, where x is the IP address and y is the host name. You can assign multiple host names to an IP address. For example, HostName1 HostName2 HostName3.

    You cannot assign multiple IP addresses to a host name. To assign IP addresses to groups of host names, type each IP address and its associated host names on a separate line of the text file.

    For example: HostName1 HostName2

    456.456.456.456 HostName3

  9. Click Apply.