LDAP issues

LDAP lookups fail

Try one or more of the following:

Make sure that the server and firewall settings are configured to allow communication between the printer and the LDAP server on port 389 and port 636

If reverse DNS lookup is not used in your network, then disable it in the Kerberos settings

  1. From the Embedded Web Server, click Settings > Security.

  2. From the Network Accounts section, click Kerberos.

  3. From the Miscellaneous Settings section, select Disable Reverse IP Lookups.

  4. Click Save and Verify.

If the LDAP server requires SSL, then enable SSL for LDAP lookups

  1. From the Embedded Web Server, navigate to the configuration page for the application:

    Apps > Smart Card Authentication Client > Configure

  2. From the Advanced Settings section, select Use SSL for User Info.

  3. Click Apply.

Narrow the LDAP search base to the lowest possible scope that includes all necessary users

Make sure that all LDAP attributes are correct