Setting the date and time

When using Kerberos authentication, make sure that the time difference between the printer and the domain controller does not exceed five minutes. You can manually update the date and time settings or use the Network Time Protocol (NTP) to sync the time with the domain controller automatically.

  1. From the Embedded Web Server, click Settings > Device > Preferences > Date and Time.

    Configuring manually

    Note: Configuring the date and time manually disables NTP.
    1. From the Configure section, in the “Manually Set Date and Time” field, enter the appropriate date and time.

    2. Select the date format, time format, and time zone.

      Note: If you select (UTC+user) Custom, then specify the offset values for UTC (GMT) and DST.

    Configuring NTP

    1. From the Network Time Protocol section, select Enable NTP, and then type the IP address or host name of the NTP server.

    2. If the NTP server requires authentication, then in the Enable Authentication menu, select MD5 key.

    3. Depending on your printer model, either enter the key ID and password, or browse to the file containing the NTP authentication credentials.

  2. Click Save.