Using the touch-screen buttons

Note: Depending on your options and administrative setup, your screens and buttons may vary from those shown.

Sample touch screen

change copy settings screen




home button

Returns to the home screen

Scroll down

scroll button

Opens a drop-down list

Left scroll decrease

scroll decrease button

Scrolls to another value in decreasing order

Right scroll increase

scroll increase button

Scrolls to another value in increasing order

Left arrow

left arrow button

Scrolls left

Right arrow

right arrow button

Scrolls right


submit button

Saves a value as the new user default setting


one side slanted back button

Navigates back to the previous screen

Other touch-screen buttons



Down arrow

down arrow button

Moves down to the next screen

Up arrow

up arrow button

Moves up to the next screen

Unselected radio button

radio button off

This is an unselected radio button. The radio button is gray to show it is unselected.

Selected radio button

radio button on

This is a selected radio button. The radio button is blue to show it is selected.

Cancel Jobs

cancel jobs button

Opens the Cancel Jobs screen. The Cancel Jobs screen shows three headings: Print, Fax, and Network.

The following items are available under the Print, Fax, and Network headings:

  • Print job

  • Copy job

  • Fax profile

  • FTP

  • E-mail send

Each heading has a list of jobs shown in a column under it which can show only three jobs per screen. Each job appears as a button which you can touch to access information about the job. If more than three jobs exist in a column, then an arrow appears enabling you to scroll through the jobs.


continue button

Touch this button when more changes need to be made for a job or after clearing a paper jam.


cancel button
  • Cancels an action or a selection

  • Cancels out of a screen and returns to the previous screen


select arrow

Selects a menu or menu item




Menu trail line:

Menus > Settings > Copy Settings > Number of Copies

A Menu trail line is located at the top of each menu screen. This feature acts as a trail, showing the path taken to arrive at the current menu. It gives the exact location within the menus.

Touch any of the underlined words to return to that menu or menu item.

The Number of Copies is not underlined since this is the current screen. If you touch an underlined word on the Number of Copies screen before the Number of Copies is set and saved, then the selection is not saved, and it does not become the user default setting.

Attendance message alert

error message icon

If an attendance message occurs which closes a function, such as copy or fax, then a solid red dot appears over the function button on the home screen. This indicates that an attendance message exists.