Understanding fax options

Original Size

This option opens a screen where you can choose the size of the documents you are going to fax.


This option tells the printer the original document type. Choose from Text, Text/Photo, or Photograph. Color can be turned on or off with any of the Content choices. Content affects the quality and size of your scan.

Sides (Duplex)

This option informs the printer if the original document is simplex (printed on one side) or duplex (printed on both sides). This lets the scanner know what needs to be scanned for inclusion in the fax.


This options increases how closely the scanner examines the document you want to fax. If you are faxing a photo, a drawing with fine lines, or a document with very small text, increase the Resolution setting. This will increase the amount of time required for the scan and will increase the quality of the fax output.


This option adjusts how light or dark your faxes will turn out in relation to the original document.

Advanced Options

Touching this button opens a screen where you can change Delayed Send, Advanced Imaging, Custom Job, Transmission Log, Scan Preview, Edge Erase, and Advanced Duplex settings.