Understanding FTP options

Original Size

This option opens a screen where you can choose the size of the documents you are going to copy.

Sides (Duplex)

This option informs the printer if the original document is simplex (printed on one side) or duplex (printed on both sides). This lets the scanner know what needs to be scanned for inclusion in the document.


This option tells the printer whether the original document is in portrait or landscape orientation and then changes the Sides and Binding settings to match the original document orientation.


Tells the printer whether the original document is bound on the long-edge or short-edge side.


This option adjusts the output quality of your file. Increasing the image resolution increases the file size and the time needed to scan your original document. Image resolution can be decreased to reduce the file size.

Send As

This option sets the output (PDF, TIFF, JPEG or XPS) for the scanned image.


This option tells the printer the original document type. Choose from Text, Text/Photo, or Photo. Color can be turned on or off with any of the Content choices. Content affects the quality and size of your FTP file.

Advanced Options

Touching this button opens a screen where you can change Advanced Imaging, Custom Job, Transmission Log, Scan Preview, Edge Erase, and Darkness settings.