Linking and unlinking trays

Linking trays

Tray linking is useful for large print jobs or multiple copies. When one linked tray is empty, paper feeds from the next linked tray. When the Paper Size and Paper Type settings are the same for any trays, the trays are automatically linked.

The printer automatically senses the Paper Size setting according to the position of the paper guides in each tray except the multipurpose feeder. The printer can sense A4, A5, JIS B5, Letter, Legal, Executive, and Universal paper sizes. The multipurpose feeder and trays using other paper sizes can be linked manually using the Paper Size menu available from the Paper Size/Type menu.

Note: To link the multipurpose feeder, Configure MP must be set to Cassette in the Paper menu in order for MP Feeder Size to appear as a menu item.

The Paper Type setting must be set for all trays from the Paper Type menu available from the Paper Size/Type menu.

Unlinking trays

Unlinked trays have settings that are not the same as the settings of any other tray.

To unlink a tray, change the following tray settings so that they do not match the settings of any other tray:

Warning—Potential Damage: Do not assign a Paper Type name that does not accurately describe the type of paper loaded in the tray. The temperature of the fuser varies according to the specified Paper Type. Paper may not be properly processed if an inaccurate Paper Type is selected.

Assigning a custom paper type name

Assign a custom paper type name to a tray when linking or unlinking the tray.

  1. Make sure the printer is on and Ready appears.

  2. From the home screen, touch touch the key icon.

  3. Touch Paper Menu.

  4. Touch Paper Size/Type.

  5. Touch the paper type arrows for the desired tray until the correct custom type appears.

  6. Touch the tray number or MP Feeder Type.

  7. Touch Submit.

Changing a Custom Type <x> name

You can use the Embedded Web Server or MarkVisionTM to define a name other than Custom Type <x> for each of the custom paper types that are loaded. When a Custom Type <x> name is changed, the menus display the new name instead of Custom Type <x>.

To change a Custom Type <x> name from the Embedded Web Server:

  1. Type the printer IP address into the address field of your Web browser.

    Note: If you do not know the IP address of the printer, then print a network setup page and locate the IP address in the TCP/IP section.
  2. Click Settings.

  3. Under Default Settings, click Paper Menu.

  4. Click Custom Names.

  5. Type a name for the paper type in a Custom Name <x> box.

    Note: This custom name will replace a custom type <x> name under the Custom Types and Paper Size/Type menus.
  6. Click Submit.

  7. Click Custom Types.

    Custom Types appears, followed by your custom name.

  8. Select a Paper Type setting from the list next to your custom name.

  9. Click Submit.