Loading the multipurpose feeder

  1. Pull down the multipurpose feeder door.

  2. Pull out the extension until it is fully extended.

  3. Slide the width guide to the far right.

    picture showing multipurpose feeder width guide
  4. Flex the sheets of paper or specialty media back and forth to loosen them, and then fan them. Do not fold or crease them. Straighten the edges on a level surface.


    picture shows how to fan flex and straighten the paper


    picture showing how to flex and fan envelopes


    picture showing how to flex and fan transparencies

  5. Load the paper or specialty media. Slide the stack gently into the multipurpose feeder until it comes to a stop.

    Without an optional StapleSmart Finisher

    With an optional StapleSmart Finisher

    Single-sided printing

    Single-sided printing

    Duplex (two-sided) printing

    Duplex (two-sided) printing


    Warning—Potential Damage: Never use envelopes with stamps, clasps, snaps, windows, coated linings, or self-stick adhesives. These envelopes may severely damage the printer.
  6. Adjust the width guide to lightly touch the edge of the paper stack. Make sure the paper fits loosely in the multipurpose feeder, lies flat, and is not bent or wrinkled.

  7. From the printer control panel, set the Paper Size and Paper Type.