Restoring the factory default settings

If you want to retain a list of the current menu settings for reference, then print a menu settings page before you restore the factory default settings. For more information, see Printing a menu settings page.

Warning—Potential Damage: Restoring factory defaults returns most printer settings to the original factory default setting. Exceptions include the display language, custom sizes and messages, and Network/Port menu settings. All downloads stored in RAM are deleted. Downloads stored in flash memory or on a printer hard disk are not affected.
  1. Make sure the printer is on and Ready appears.

  2. On the home screen, touch touch the key icon.

  3. Touch Settings.

  4. Touch General Settings.

  5. Touch the down arrow until Factory Defaults appears.

  6. Touch the left or right arrow until Restore Now appears.

  7. Touch Submit.

  8. Touch home button.