Understanding scan profile options

Quick Setup

This option lets you select preset formats or customize the scan job settings. You can select one of these settings:


Photo - Color JPEG

Text - BW PDF

Photo - Color TIFF

Text - BW TIFF

Text/Photo - BW PDF

Text/Photo - Color PDF

To customize the scan job settings, from the Quick Setup menu, select Custom. Then change the scan settings as needed.

Format Type

This option sets the output (PDF, JPEG, TIFF, SECURE PDF, or XPS) for the scanned image.


This option sets the format used to compress the scanned output file.

Default Content

This option tells the printer the original document type. Choose from Text, Text/Photo, or Photo. Content affects the quality and size of your scanned file.

Text—Emphasizes sharp, black, high-resolution text against a clean, white background

Text/Photo—Used when the original documents are a mixture of text and graphics or pictures

Photo—Tells the scanner to pay extra attention to graphics and pictures. This setting increases the time it takes to scan, but emphasizes a reproduction of the full dynamic range of tones in the original document. This increases the amount of information saved.


This option tells the printer the color of the original documents. You can select Gray, BW (Black and White), or Color.

Original Size

This option sets the size of the documents you are going to scan. When Original Size is set to Mixed Sizes, you can scan an original document that contains mixed paper sizes (letter- and legal-size pages).


This option tells the printer whether the original document is in portrait or landscape orientation and then changes the Sides and Binding settings to match the original document orientation.

Sides (Duplex)

This option informs the printer if your original document is simplex (printed on one side) or duplex (printed on both sides). This lets the scanner know what needs to be scanned for inclusion in the document.


This option adjusts how light or dark your scanned documents will turn out in relation to the original document.


This option adjusts the output quality of your file. Increasing the image resolution increases the file size and the time needed to scan your original document. Image resolution can be decreased to reduce the file size.

Advanced Imaging

This option lets you adjust Background Removal, Contrast, Shadow Detail, Sharpness, and Color Dropout before you scan the document. It also lets you Scan edge to edge, as a Mirror Image, or as a Negative Image.