Sending a fax

Sending a fax using the printer control panel

  1. Load an original document faceup, short edge first into the ADF or facedown on the scanner glass.

    Note: Do not load postcards, photos, small items, transparencies, photo paper, or thin media (such as magazine clippings) into the ADF. Place these items on the scanner glass.
  2. If you are loading a document into the ADF, then adjust the paper guides.

  3. On the home screen, touch Fax.

  4. Enter the fax number or a shortcut using the touch screen or keypad.

    To add recipients, touch Next Number, and then enter the recipient's telephone number or shortcut number, or search the address book.

    Note: To place a dial pause within a fax number, press dial pause button. The dial pause appears as a comma in the “Fax to” box. Use this feature if you need to dial an outside line first.
  5. Touch Fax It.

Sending a fax using the computer

Faxing from a computer lets you send electronic documents without leaving your desk. This gives you the flexibility of faxing documents directly from software programs.

Note: In order to perform this function from your computer, you must use the PostScript printer driver for your printer.
  1. From your software program, click File > Print.

  2. From the Print window, select your printer, and then click Properties.

  3. Choose the Other Options tab, and then click Fax.

  4. Click OK, and then click OK again.

  5. On the Fax screen, type the name and number of the fax recipient.

  6. Click Send.