Understanding the printer control panel

scanner control panel with numbered callouts





View scanning, copying, faxing, and printing options as well as status and error messages.




Enter numbers or symbols on the display.


Dial Pause

dial pause button
  • Press dial pause button to cause a two- or three-second dial pause in a fax number. In the Fax To field, a Dial Pause is represented by a comma (,).

  • From the home screen, press dial pause button to redial a fax number.

  • The button functions only within the Fax menu or with fax functions. When outside of the Fax menu, fax function, or home screen, pressing dial pause button causes an error beep.



back button

In the Copy menu, press back button to delete the right-most digit of the value in the Copy Count. The default value of 1 appears if the entire number is deleted by pressing back button numerous times.

In the Fax Destination List, press back button to delete the right-most digit of a number entered manually. You can also press back button to delete an entire shortcut entry. Once an entire line is deleted, another press of back button causes the cursor to move up one line.

In the E-mail Destination List, press back button to delete the character to the left of the cursor. If the character is in a shortcut, then the shortcut is deleted.



clear all button

Press clear all button to return to the home screen.



start button
  • Press start button to initiate the current job indicated on the display.

  • From the home screen, press start button to start a copy job with the default settings.

  • If pressed while a job is scanning, the button has no effect.


Indicator light

Indicates the printer status:

  • Off—The power is off.

  • Blinking green—The printer is warming up, processing data, or printing.

  • Solid green—The printer is on, but idle.

  • Blinking red—Operator intervention is needed.



stop button

Stops all printer activity

A list of options is offered once Stopped appears on the display.