Forms and Bar Code Card P4.2


Supported bar codes

Supported fonts in the option card

PCL 5 emulation: HP

One-dimensional bar codes

Two-dimensional bar codes

PCL 5 emulation: Lexmark

One-dimensional bar codes

Two-dimensional bar codes

Composite bar codes


FREESCAPE emulation

PostScript emulation

PostScript emulation operators

One-dimensional bar codes

Arguments for one-dimensional bar codes

Two-dimensional bar codes

Arguments for two-dimensional bar code symbology

Composite bar codes

Forms Card


Appendix A - Feature summary

Appendix B - Supported bar codes

Appendix C - Forms Card fonts

Appendix D - Forms print errors

Appendix E - Bar code engine errors

Appendix F - Deviations

Code 93 uppercase vs. lowercase

Codabar uppercase vs. lowercase

Maximum encodable character length

4-State postal widths

HRT widths and heights

PDF417 image widths and heights

MaxiCode capacity

Bar code horizontal alignment

PDF417 capacity

MaxiCode separators and structured appends

Encoding limits for bar codes

Encoding limits for Codabar bar codes

PostScript barcodepath operator

Uploading formsets when the OFIS data filter is disabled

French Postal 3 of 9 dimensions


Edition notice