Finding more information

The Lexmark™ 4200 Series All-In-One comes with many helpful resources.



Setup sheet

The setup sheet provides instructions on how to set up your All-In-One hardware and software and information on setup troubleshooting.

User's Guide

The User's Guide provides information on:

  • Basic usage of your All-In-One
  • Printing, scanning, copying, and faxing
  • Printing digital photos
  • Creating projects
  • Maintaining your All-In-One
  • Setup and general troubleshooting


The Help provides information on using the All-In-One software.

To access the help:

Click the Lexmark 4200 Series All-In-One Center icon on your desktop, and then click Help.

Readme file

After you install your software, you can access the Readme file from the Lexmark 4200 Series All-In-One folder. The Readme file contains late-breaking information that does not appear in the User's Guide or the Help.

To access the Readme file:

Click Start  Programs  Lexmark 4200 Series  Readme.

Lexmark Web site

The Web site has information on:

  • Upgrades-Software upgrade information
  • Customer Care-Contact information, order status, warranty, and repair information
  • Downloads-Drivers
  • Reference-Printer documentation and specifications

You can get more information from the Lexmark Web site at:

Lexmark technical support

For current technical support, visit our Web site at: