Finding the MAC address

Most network equipment has a unique hardware identification number to distinguish it from other devices on the network. This is called the Media Access Control (MAC) address.

If your printer has a factory-installed internal print server, the MAC address is a series of letters and numbers located on the back of your printer.

mac address label

If you purchased the print server separately, the MAC address appears on an adhesive label that came with the print server. Attach the adhesive label to your printer so you will be able to find the MAC address when you need it.

Note: A list of MAC addresses can be set on an access point (router) so that only devices with matching MAC addresses are allowed to operate on the network. This is called MAC filtering. If MAC filtering is enabled in your access point (router) and you want to add a printer to your network, the MAC address of the printer must be included in the MAC filter list.

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