MS310d/dn, MS312dn, MS315dn, MS410d/dn, MS415dn, MS510dn, MS610dn/dtn/de/dte, MX310dn, MX410de, MX510de, MX511de/dhe, MX610de, MX611de/dhe


Understanding letters after model numbers

Learning about the printer

Finding information about the printer

Printer Control Language (PCL) page formatting

Printable areas

Supported paper and envelope dimensions

Printer Job Language (PJL)

PJL commands information

PostScript (PS) emulation

Supported paper sizes

PostScript paper tray support

PostScript envelope size support

PostScript envelope tray support

Printer specifications

Airflow requirement

Noise emission levels

Electrical specifications

Power requirements

Physical specifications

Clearance requirements

Environmental conditions

Altitude and atmospheric pressure specifications

Appendix A: PCL support

PCL emulation commands

GL/2 commands

Appendix B: PJL support

Common variables for both printer languages

Lexmark-unique PJL variables for both printer languages

Common variables for PCL emulation

Lexmark-unique variables for PCL emulation

Common variables for PostScript emulation

Lexmark-unique variables for PostScript emulation

Lexmark-unique LRESOURCE variables

Status Readback commands

USTATUS unsolicited status variables

PJL messages for auto-continuable conditions

PJL messages for attendance conditions

PJL messages for paper handling

PJL messages for paper jams

Service errors

Device attendance messages

Lexmark-unique PJL commands

Appendix C: PostScript support

Supplemental operators

Page device parameters

User interpreter parameters

System interpreter parameters

Devices supported

Device parameters

PostScript message keys commands