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1 Depending on the printer setup, this menu appears as Standard Network or Network [x].

2 This menu appears only when one or more DLEs are installed.

Default Source

Paper Size/Type

Configure MP

Substitute Size

Paper Texture

Paper Loading

Custom Types

Custom Names

Custom Scan Sizes

Custom Bin Names

Universal Setup

Bin Setup

Menu Settings Page

Device Statistics

Stapler Test

Network Setup Page

Network [x] Setup Page

Shortcut List

Fax Job Log

Fax Call Log

Copy Shortcuts

E-mail Shortcuts

Fax Shortcuts

FTP Shortcuts

Profiles List

Print Fonts

Print Directory

Print Demo

Asset Report

Event Log Summary

Active NIC

Standard Network1

Standard USB

Parallel [x]

Serial [x]

SMTP Setup

Edit Security Setups

Miscellaneous Security Settings

Confidential Print

Erase Temporary Data Files

Security Audit Log

Set Date and Time




Manage Shortcuts

Option Card Menu2

General Settings

Copy Settings

Fax Settings

E-mail Settings

FTP Settings

Flash Drive Menu

Print Settings

Print All Guides

Copy Guide

E-mail Guide

Fax Guide

FTP Guide

Print Defects Guide

Information Guide

Supplies Guide

Fax Shortcuts

E-mail Shortcuts

FTP Shortcuts

Copy Shortcuts

Profile Shortcuts

A list of installed DLEs (Download Emulators) appears.