Secure Held Print Jobs

Printing held jobs


  1. With a document open, click File > Print.

  2. Select a printer.

    Note: If necessary, configure the print settings.
  3. If necessary, use the print-and-hold feature.

    1. Select the print-and-hold feature.

      • For Windows users, click Properties, Preferences, Options, or Setup, and then click Print and Hold.

      • For Macintosh users, select Print and Hold from the options menu.

    2. Select the print job type.

      • Reserve—Send print jobs and store them in the printer memory for printing later.

      • Verify—Print the first copy of a multiple-copy print job for verification. The remaining copies are held until they are printed or canceled.

      • Repeat—Print the job immediately and store a copy in the printer memory so that more copies can be printer later.

      Note: The Secure Held Print Jobs application does not support confidential print jobs.
    3. Type the user name from the LDAP directory associated with the print job.

  4. Click OK or Print.

  5. From the printer home screen, log in to your account, and then touch the application icon.


    • Make sure that the same account is used when logging in to the printer and when sending the print jobs.
    • Depending on how the application is configured, all jobs in your print release queue may print automatically when you touch the application icon. For more information, see Configuring the Secure Held Print Jobs settings.
  6. If prompted, enter your authentication credentials.

  7. Select the job or jobs that you want to print, and then specify the number of copies to print.

  8. Touch Print.