260 paper jam

Touch Status/Supplies to identify the location of the jam. The envelope feeder feeds envelopes from the bottom of the stack; the bottom envelope will be the one that is jammed.

  1. Lift the envelope weight.

  2. Remove all envelopes.

  3. If the jammed envelope has entered the printer and cannot be pulled out, then lift the envelope feeder up and then out of the printer, and then set it aside.

  4. Remove the envelope from the printer.

    Note: If you cannot remove the envelope, then the print cartridge will have to be removed. For more information, see 200 and 201 paper jams.
  5. Reinstall the envelope feeder. Make sure it snaps into place.

  6. Flex and stack the envelopes.

  7. Load the envelopes in the envelope feeder.

  8. Adjust the paper guide.

  9. Lower the envelope weight.

  10. Touch Continue.