Lexmark™ 4200 Series User's Guide

Finding more information

Learning about your All-In-One

Understanding the All-In-One parts

Setting up the All-In-One

Using the control panel

Using the All-In-One software

Loading paper and originals

Loading plain paper into the paper support

Choosing the paper type and size

Loading an original document into the ADF


Printing a document

Printing more than one page on a sheet of paper

Printing an image as a multi-page poster

Printing last page first

Printing repeating images

Printing two images on one page


Scanning an original document

Customizing a scan job


Copying an original document

Customizing a copy job


Receiving a fax

Sending a fax

Customizing a fax job


Maintaining your All-In-One

Replacing the print cartridges

Aligning the print cartridges

Improving print quality

Preserving the print cartridges

Cleaning the scan lens and white roller

Recycling Lexmark products

Ordering supplies


Troubleshooting checklist

Setup troubleshooting

Print troubleshooting

Scan and copy troubleshooting

Fax troubleshooting

More troubleshooting options


Federal Communications Commission (FCC) compliance information statement

Notice to users of the Canadian telephone network

Using this product in Germany

Using this product in Switzerland

Industry Canada compliance statement

Avis de conformité aux normes de l'industrie du Canada

European Community (EC) directives conformity

Noise emission levels


Lexmark 4200 Series energy consumption

Copyright advisory