Setting up your All-In-One

Opening the box

Macintosh users

Installing another language control panel

Setting up the All-In-One with equipment

Using a PictBridge-enabled digital camera

Understanding the All-In-One

Understanding the All-In-One parts

Using the control panel

Using the All-In-One software

Loading paper and originals

Loading plain paper into the paper tray

Loading specialty paper into the paper tray

Loading an original document face up into the ADF

Loading an original document face down on the scanner glass


Making a copy

Customizing settings using the control panel

Customizing settings using the software

Collating copies

Printing a borderless copy

Enlarging or reducing images or documents


Receiving a fax

Sending a fax

Sending a fax from your computer

Adding Speed Dial numbers to your list

Using Speed Dial

Using the Quick Dial buttons

Avoiding unwanted changes to fax settings

Sending a multi-page fax to a group

Assigning a ring pattern for your fax line

Forwarding faxes

Using Caller ID

Adding fax numbers to block junk faxes

Customizing your settings using the Lexmark Fax Solutions

Adding your logo to fax cover page

Changing information that appears on your fax cover page


Scanning multiple pages or images

Scanning to an application

E-mailing a scanned image or document

Scanning photos

Editing scanned images

Scanning documents to edit text

Scanning to your computer over a network


Printing a document

Printing collated copies of your document

Printing more than one page on a sheet of paper

Printing an image as a multi-page poster

Printing last page first

Printing a banner

Printing repeating images

Maintaining your All-In-One

Replacing the print cartridge

Aligning the print cartridges

Improving print quality

Preserving the print cartridges

Cleaning the scanner glass

Ordering supplies

Networking your All-In-One


Setting up your network with a Lexmark print server

Setting up your network with the peer-to-peer method

Setting up your network with the point and print method


General troubleshooting

Setup troubleshooting

Print troubleshooting

Scan and copy troubleshooting

Fax troubleshooting

PictBridge-enable camera troubleshooting

Jams and misfeeds troubleshooting

Understanding error messages and flashing lights

Using other help sources

Finding more information

Warranty, notices, and safety information

Limited Warranty information

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) compliance information statement Part 15

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) compliance information statement Part 68

Notice to users of the Canadian telephone network

Notice to users of the New Zealand telephone network

The United Kingdom Telecommunications Act 1984

Using this product in Germany

Power regulation notice

South Africa telecommunications notice

Using this product in Switzerland

Industry Canada compliance statement

Avis de conformité aux normes de l'industrie du Canada

European Community (EC) directives conformity

Japanese VCCI notice


Korean MIC statement

Lexmark 7100 Series energy consumption

Safety information

Mercury statement


Copyright advisory