Finding more information

Setting up the All-In-One

Understanding the box contents

Setting up the All-In-One with a computer

Setting up the All-In-One without a computer

Understanding the All-In-One

All-In-One parts

Learning about the control panel

Understanding the All-In-One software

Using the Lexmark Imaging Studio

Using the All-In-One Center

Using Lexmark Fast Pics

Using Lexmark Photo Editor

Using Print Properties

Using the Lexmark Solution Center

Loading paper and original documents

Loading paper into the paper support

Loading specialty media into the paper support

Using the paper type sensor


Printing a document


Scanning an item

Customizing a scan job


Copying photos without a computer

Changing copy settings

Copying photos


Sending a fax

Receiving a fax

Printing photos using a computer

Finding and printing your photos

Creating and printing a scrapbook or album page

Printing borderless photos

Using PictBridge

Using a PictBridge-enabled camera to control printing

Using the control panel when printing from a camera

Advanced Settings

Changing advanced copy settings

Adjusting the scan settings for newspapers, magazines, or lithographs

Using the auto-cropping feature with scans

Networking the All-In-One


Using a Lexmark print server

Using the peer-to-peer method

Using the point-and-print method

Maintaining the All-In-One

Replacing the print cartridges

Aligning the print cartridges

Improving print quality

Ordering supplies


Setup troubleshooting

Removing and reinstalling the software

Print troubleshooting

Jams and misfeeds troubleshooting

Scan and copy troubleshooting

Fax troubleshooting

Error messages troubleshooting


Electronic emission notices

Telecommunications notice

The United Kingdom Telecommunications Act 1984

All-In-One energy consumption

Off modes

Power Saver

Total energy usage