Forms Printer 2500 Series

Safety information

Learning about the printer

Printer overview

Applying control panel overlays

Understanding the printer features and functions

Printing a demonstration page

Printing a network setup page

Printing from Windows or DOS

Using IBM emulation mode

Using Epson emulation mode

Using Okidata MICROLINE emulation mode

Using the control panel

Understanding the control panel buttons

Understanding the control panel lights

Setting the printer online or offline

Advancing paper

Using the Load/Unload function

Locking and unlocking the control panel

Selecting a Tractor mode

Selecting and locking a font

Disabling Font Lock

Selecting and locking a pitch

Disabling Pitch Lock

Loading paper

Setting the forms thickness lever

Paper paths

Using the Tear Off function

Loading continuous paper

Loading cut forms

Setting Top-of-Form

Paper and specialty media guide

Paper types and sizes supported by the printer

Changing tractor positions

Push tractor position

Pull tractor position

Converting the push tractor to pull tractor position

Converting the pull tractor to push tractor position

Understanding Setup mode and menu options

Using Setup mode

Changing menu settings (an example)

Setup Mode - Main menu

Maintaining the printer

Ordering supplies

Removing the ribbon cartridge

Cleaning the printer

Recycling Lexmark products

Administrative support

Restoring the factory default settings

Supporting IPSec

Supporting SNMPv3

Using 802.1x authentication


Checking an unresponsive printer

Testing the printer

Checking the printer status

Adjusting character (bidirectional) alignment

Solving printing problems

Solving paper feed problems

Solving print quality problems

Contacting Customer Support


Edition notice




Federal Communications Commission (FCC) compliance information statement

European Community (EC) directives conformity

Noise emission levels

Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive


Power consumption

Statement of Limited Warranty