Lexmark X203n and X204n Series

Safety information

Learning about the printer

Thank you for choosing this printer!

Finding information about the printer

Selecting a location for the printer

Printer configurations

Basic functions of the scanner

Understanding the ADF and scanner glass

Understanding the printer control panel

Additional printer setup

Attaching cables

Installing printer software

Verifying printer setup

Installing the printer on a wired network

Minimizing your printer's environmental impact

Saving paper and toner

Saving energy


Reducing printer noise

Loading paper and specialty media

Setting the Paper Size and Paper Type

Configuring Universal paper settings

Loading the paper tray

Using the manual feeder

Paper capacities

Paper and specialty media guidelines

Paper guidelines

Storing paper

Supported paper sizes, types, and weights


Printing a document

Printing on both sides of the paper (duplexing)

Printing specialty documents

Printing information pages

Canceling a print job


Making copies

Copying photos

Copying on specialty media

Customizing copy settings

Pausing the current print job to make copies

Canceling a copy job

Improving copy quality


Getting ready to e-mail

Creating an e-mail shortcut using the Embedded Web Server

E-mailing a document

Canceling an e-mail


Getting the printer ready to fax

Sending a fax

Creating shortcuts

Using shortcuts and the address book

Customizing fax settings

Canceling an outgoing fax

Understanding fax options

Improving fax quality

Forwarding a fax

Scanning to a computer

Scanning to a computer

Understanding scan profile options

Improving scan quality

Using the Scan Center software

Understanding printer menus

Menus list

Paper menu

Reports menu

Settings menu

Network/Ports menu

Set Date and Time

Maintaining the printer

Cleaning the exterior of the printer

Cleaning the scanner glass

Cleaning the ADF separator rollers

Storing supplies

Checking the status of supplies from a network computer

Ordering supplies

Replacing supplies

Moving the printer to another location

Shipping the printer

Administrative support

Finding advanced networking and administrator information

Using the Embedded Web Server

Viewing reports

Checking the device status

Setting up e-mail alerts

Restoring the factory default settings


Checking an unresponsive printer

Printer control panel display is blank or displays only diamonds

Partial document or photo print, copies, or scans

Understanding printer messages

Clearing jams

Solving printing problems

Solving copy problems

Solving scanner problems

Solving fax problems

Solving paper feed problems

Solving print quality problems

Embedded Web Server does not open

Contacting Customer Support


Product information

Edition notice



Federal Communications Commission (FCC) compliance information statement

Noise emission levels

Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive

Static sensitivity notice


Laser notice

Laser advisory label

Power consumption

Statement of Limited Warranty


European Community (EC) directives conformity

Regulatory notices for telecommunication terminal equipment

Notice to users of the US telephone network: FCC requirements

South Africa telecommunications notice

Notice to users of the Canadian telephone network

Notice to users of the New Zealand telephone network

Notice to Users in the European Union

Regulatory notices for wireless products

Exposure to radio frequency radiation

Notice to users in Brazil

Industry Canada (Canada)

Taiwan NCC RF notice statement

Notice to users in the European Union